Founders TIME Podcast #4 radKIDS - special episode

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I often get questions from friends, veterans and military families that are curious about starting a business, have an idea or want to chase their passion but they don’t know how to start. As an ARMY Veteran myself, I have chased my own hobbies and interest to start and launch my own journey as a serial veteran entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are confident, positive, creative, resourceful, and resilient people who are faced with a problem and works out the solution.

Here you will find: Everything YOU would need to START, SCALE, SUCCEED Your Business!!!

 In Founders TIME special episode #4 meet Stephen M. Daley M.Ed, the Founder of the largest certified and licensed children's safety instructor organization in the world "radKIDS" that works to increase parental confidence in our ability to protect our own kids and by empowering them by teaching, training, to recognize, avoid, resist, and if necessary, escape violence, harm, or victimization in their lives and to learn how to escape from dangerous situations. 

Stay tune for more recommendations and more business advice for Entrepreneurs, and Vetpreneurs, Veterans, Military & Military Spouses that are starting their own entrepreneurial journey.

Here you will find: Everything YOU would need to START, SCALE, SUCCEED Your Business!!!

Niurka Castaneda is the Founder and Host of Founders Time Media that aims to inform, inspire entrepreneurs.

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