Founders TIME Podcast #20 "The Science of Colors"

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I often get questions from friends, veterans and military families that are curious about starting a business, have an idea or want to chase their passion but they don’t know how to start. As an ARMY Veteran myself, I have chased my own hobbies and interest to start and launch my own journey as a serial veteran entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are confident, positive, creative, resourceful, and resilient people who are faced with a problem and works out the solution.


In today Founders TIME Podcast episode #20 "The Science of Colors", meet Carola vom Hagen, the founder of ColorCurriculumCure™ Interior Color Solutions by CvH in this fascinating topic in where she explains about the use and effect of psychology of interior color. She tell is how personal childhood traumas and life challenges drew her to study color and architecture.

Some colors insights and their meanings according to Carola vom Hagen: We are surrounded by color non-stop, often unconsciously saving, color-imprinting, a certain tone in our memories as a tool to keeping us safe from emotional harm in the future - or as an enthusiastic mental push to moving forward in our calling. Wouldn’t you like to know your own emotional safe colors? Did you know that waking up to harsh Light and Sound triggers your brain into alert? Fright and flight. Teal💚💙 :A color offering you a fresh yet calming sense. A color with many depth, yet light. Thanks to a wonderful symbiosis of grounded greens, and calming blues. The deepest Blue 💙 in the Sun ☀️: While blue reflects images of sky and sea, it's also the color of bravery, dedication, mental clarity, concentration and calmness.It represents introspective journeys and symbolizes wisdom and depth of understanding. Blue is also a symbol of the depths of the human psyche.  

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