New AI/ML Startups Launched In UK —  January 2019

Below is a list of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning start ups launched in the UK in January 2019.

  • Cosound - A social collaboration platform and AI integrated, peer-to-peer marketplace for the music industry. [source]

  • AirGrid - AirGrid is building the next generation of artificial intelligence technology to help keep the web running. [source]

  • Enlist - Enlist allows businesses to easily outsource sales development work. [source]

  • Contilio- Product: SaaS platform, with analytics on project performance, performance KPIs and risks. [source]

  • Yellow Submarine - Resource-efficient Deep Learning ML for Edge and Endpoint IoT Devices. [source]

  • Sensee - Food & health safety made smarter through a complete sensor, software and data platform. [source]

  • hyperexponential - SaaS platform for the design, build and deployment of statistical models that calculate prices for niche financial products. [source]

  • Nebuli - Access sophisticated augmented intelligence & blockchain services out of the box. [source]

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